The Adobe Flash Player runtime lets you effortlessly reach over 1.3 billion people across browsers and OS versions with no install — 11 times more people than the best-selling hardware game console. Create high-performance, more responsive games and content using ActionScript workers and shared ByteArray support.

Our introduction to Flash training course is suitable for designers and developers new to Flash. You will familiarise yourself with the basic tools and features of Flash and gain the skills necessary for creating basic animations. During the computer training course you will produce an engaging interface using text, graphics, animations, video, and sound. Simple user interactions are added using built in ActionScript behaviours and Script Assist.

Those who complete the introduction to Flash course satisfactorily will receive a certificate at the end of the computer training course.

For further information on our trainers, course content and fees view the courses page.

Course Requirements
A working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and an understanding of graphics is required or attendance on one of our Microsoft Windows introduction courses. No experience of Adobe Flash is required.

Adobe Flash Intermediate :

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Flash
  • Flash and HTML
  • How Flash Movies Work
  • Finding Your Way Around Flash
  • Setting Movie Properties
  • Flash Basics
  • Setting the Size of the Stage
  • Using Vector-based Paint and Draw Tools
  • Creating and Editing Shapes
  • Working with Shapes and Elements
  • Grouping Elements
  • Using Symbols for Efficiency
  • Adapting Existing Assets for Use on the Web
  • Creating Vector Graphics
  • Lines and Brush Strokes
  • Smoothing Lines and Curves
  • The Assistant Dialogue Box
  • Using the Snap Modifyer Creating and Editing Colours
  • Using Gradients and Fills
  • Creating and Editing Text
  • Breaking Apart and Reshaping Text
  • The Inspector Palettes
  • Working with Layers
  • Using Layer Masks
  • Locking Layers
  • Colour Coding Layers
  • Creating Simple Animations
  • Using the Timeline
  • Frames and Keyframes
  • Different Ways of Displaying Frames
  • Using the Onion Skin Buttons
  • Using Outline Colours Mode
  • Using Custom Colour Sets
  • Using the Preview in Context Option
  • Animating Using Layers
  • Frame by Frame Animations
  • Scenes
  • Dividing a Movie into Scenes
  • Animation Features
  • Creating Tweened Animations
  • Shape Tweening
  • Creating Animations Along a Path
  • Using Onion Skinning
  • Working with Markers
  • Symbols
  • Creating and Editing Symbols
  • Symbols and Instances
  • Assigning Properties to Instances
  • Using the Edit Symbol Commands
  • Applying Transparency to Colours and Gradients
  • Assigning Behaviours to Symbols
  • Giving Users Control over a Movie
  • Sound
  • Importing Sound
  • Adding Sound to a Scene
  • Synchronising Sound
  • Adding Sound to Buttons
  • Streaming Audio with MP3 Compression
  • Interactivity
  • Creating Editable Text Fields
  • Collecting & Communicating Data from Your Site Visitors
  • Creating Animated Buttons
  • Adding Actions to Buttons
  • Creating Frame Actions
  • Making Interactive Links to Other Scenes and URLs
  • Creating Pop Up Menus
  • Exporting Flash Movies
  • Using the Publish Command
  • Streaming Flash Movies
  • Using Aftershock
  • Making Flash-only Web Pages
  • Optimising Flash Movies
  • Testing Movie Download Performance
  • Browser Detection

Adobe Flash Advanced :

Our advanced Flash training course has become the web standard - fusing the precision and flexibility of vector graphics with audio, animation and interactivity to create dynamic web sites that attract and engage. Editable text fields, sophisticated new actions and e-commerce possibilities, Flash is ready for serious business use.

For further information on our trainers, course content and fees view the courses page.

Course Requirements
A working knowledge of Flash or attendance on one of our Flash introduction courses.

Course Content:

  • Interactivity
  • Buttons and Actions
  • Complex Movie clips
  • Pop-up Menu Example
  • Controlling Movie clips
  • Tell Target
  • Get Property
  • Set Property
  • Run-time Movie clips
  • Duplicate Movie clips
  • Multiple Movies
  • Loading Movies
  • Levels Variables
  • Expressions
  • Looping
  • If Debugging with Trace and the Output Screen
  • Drag and Drop Movie clips
  • An E-commerce Shopping Trolley Example
  • Sending Data to the Server
  • Getting Data from the Server
  • Forms Reusable Code and Arrays, Call
  • Additional
  • Communicating with External Applications
  • Bandwidth Issues and Pre-loading Strategies
  • Structured Planning and Development

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