3DS MAX 室内设计

本课程适用初、中级学习者。主要学习3Ds Max的基础知识和实际应用。借助实际工程应用案例学习基础建模、高级建模、灯光技术与摄影机技术、材质与贴图技术、环境和效果、粒子系统与空间扭曲、动力学、毛发系统及动画技术等。

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to 3D Studio MAX
  • 3D Studio MAX Hands-On Lab
  • Basic 3D Studio Max Concepts
  • Creation Methods
  • Working in 3D Space
  • Selecting Objects
  • Transforming Objects
  • Basics of Modifying Objects
  • Basic Animation Techniques
  • Creation/Transformation Lab
  • Creating Shapes
  • Basic Shape Editing
  • Introduction to Lofting
  • Building Lofts
  • Shape/Lofting Labs
  • Introduction to Materials Editor
  • Basic Material Design
  • Basic Material Lab
  • Basic Mapped Materials
  • Applying Mapped Co-ordinates
  • Mapped Material Lab
  • Introduction to Lighting
  • Placing Cameras and Rendering
  • Lighting Lab
  • Introduction to Track View
  • Building Simple Hierarchies
  • Track View/Hierarchy Lab
  • Creating Particle Systems
  • Creating and Using Space Warps
  • Particle Systems/Space Warp Lab

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