Adobe illustrator主要用平面设计,制作矢量图像的一款优秀软件,是现在主流的设计软件之一。
Adobe illustrator是一种应用于出版、多媒体和在线图像的工业标准矢量插画的软件,作为一款非常好的图片处理工具,Adobe


ADOBE  ILLUSTRATOR  Table of Contents


Module  1 - Getting to Know the Work Area
· Viewing artwork
· Using the illustrator tools
· Changing the view of artwork
· Working with palettes
· Using context menus
· Calibrating your monitor

Module 2- Creating Basic Shapes
· Setting up the document
· Using the tools
· Drawing a the pencil shape
· Drawing the piece of stationary
· Decorating the stationary border
· Painting the logo
· Copying and scaling shapes

Module 3- Painting
· Filling with color
· Stroking with color
· Building a custom palette
· Copying paint attributes
· Saturating colors
· Painting with patterns and gradients
· Painting with a pattern brush

MODULE 4 - Drawing with the Pen
· Drawing straight lines
· Drawing curves
· Editing curves
· Finishing the pear illustration

MODULE 5- Working with Brushes
· Applying brushes to paths
· Getting started
· Using art brushes
· Using scatter brushes
· Changing the color attributes of brushes
· Using a fill color with brushes
· Using calligraphic brushes
· Using pattern brushes
· Creating brushes

MODULE 6- Working with Type
· Adding type to a document
· Sampling type
· Changing the character size
· Creating columns of type
· Changing character attributes of placed text
· Changing paragraph attributes
· Adjusting the text flow
· Wrapping type around a graphic
· Typing along a path
· Creating type outlines (letterforms)
· Creating type masks

MODULE 7 -  Blending Shapes and Colors
· Creating a gradient fill
· Adjusting the direction of the gradient blend
· Adding colors to a gradient
· Creating smooth-color blends
· Blending intermediate steps
· Modifying the blend
· Combining blends with gradients

MODULE 8 - Creating Shapes with the Pathfinder
· Uniting shapes
· Removing shapes to create a new object
· Intersecting objects trimming objects
· Blending colors with the soft mix command
· Blending colors with the hard mix command
· Dividing shapes with the divide command

MODULE 9 - Working with Layers
· Creating layers
· Moving objects and layers
· Locking layers
· Viewing layers
· Pasting layers
· Merging layers

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